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You see!  There is no escape!  The Humungus Rules the Wasteland!

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"I'm scared.  It's that rat circus out there.  I'm beginning to enjoy it.  Look, any longer out on that road and I'm one of them, a terminal psychotic, except I've got this bronze badge that says I'm one of the good guys." Max Rockatansky

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Section: Modifications:
Weekly Poll: 13-05-05 Updated the weekly poll.  Yeah, I've been slacking on this.  So vote for your fave movie!
Mad Max II Villains: 20-02-05 Thanks to Anklecranker who provided Wez's real name for the Road Warrior, changed the fictional name from Alexander Wessex to Wesley Zonault.
Links: 13-05-05 Added a new links section called Other Fan Fiction Sites and got rid of Miscellaneous.  Removed a few dead links from Music Sites and added some new links.
Fan Fiction: 13-05-05 Redid this page with ratings and cast of characters.  Started changing Wez's name to Wesley instead of Alexander.  Still working on this edit.
Latest Wez/GY Update: 13-05-05 Debates are happening at Audrey's forum.  Check out this discussion where Vernon Wells provides some insight into an opening scene that was cut and could change the relationship of Wez and the Golden Youth.  Be sure to add your $0.02 to the Has Your Perception of Wez Changed discussion.

Thank you to the following people.  Without your web sites, Mad Max Villains would have remained in my imagination, never coming to life on the net...

Audrey Scheres for her research, dedication and maintenance of The Wez Site.

Tiziano Caliendo & Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli for their imaginations, thorough understanding of the Mad Max Series (especially Beyond Thunderdome), and their Mad Max-ed Crack in the Net site I used for research to build Mad Max Villains and write The Birth of Evil

Peter Barton at Mad Max Movies.  His site provided me with the information I needed, along with links to other Mad Max web pages.

Mad Dog for the "Villains" art work.  Keep drawing!

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